I basically knew nothing about dance when I began photographing the art form. I had seen a dozen performances of New York City Ballet and was falling in love with the classic Balanchine choreography but it never dawned on me to photograph dancers. I was a portrait and fashion photographer.  After watching the dancers during Gordon Munro's Danskin catalog, that all changed. I think I benefited having no knowledge of dance. I brought a fashion eye into my dance photography, caring much more about the beauty and emotion of the dancers; less about the steps, the hands and feet. I was fortunate. Within months I was photographing Twyla Tharp, Susan Marshall, Laura Dean, and Antony Tudor. Not much more than a year later, I was sitting in the American Ballet Theatre's studios with Mikhail Baryshnikov, shooting his portrait as their new artistic director. Over a million pictures later I've never looked back.