The fifth issue of VISION magazine is about the "Art of Dance" whether it be the work of a choreographer, the passion of the dancers' performance, or art created by a dancer, outside of the discipline of dance.  Before a dress rehearsal of Jirí Kylián's Bella Figura, Boston Ballet's Artistic Director Mikko Nissinen, walked up to me and said the dance was a work of art.  He was so right!  The photographs I took that afternoon became the cover story and anchor of this entire issue.  The performances of the dancers moved me in a way where I had to create an entire issue of VISION to the fine art of dance.

Five dancers and two photographers, including Alison Clancy, Zarina Stahnke, Zhongjing Fang, Abigail Mentzer, Emily Pope-Blackman, Leslie Jean-Bart, and myself show how dance can inspire other art forms.

Jacqulyn Buglisi's Table of Silence, a dance memorial to the events of 9/11, has been performed on the morning of September 11th for the past five years.  The highly emotional and passionate performance by over 150 dancers, shows how dance can heal our wounds and help us move forward, even after the witness of a great tragedy.

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