The fourth issue of VISION has a special place in my heart because it tells the story of the people who inspired me to become a dance photographer.  The magazine features my early work from the 1980s along with the portraits of fashion photographer Gordon Munro and the dance drawings of Valerie Sonnenthal. Gordon's portraits include Andy Warhol, Grace Jones, and Janice Dickinson.  Valerie's drawings are a passionate representation of choreographer Kenneth Rinker's dancers. My own photography includes work I did with Paul Taylor, Twyla Tharp, and the American Ballet Theatre.  A photo essay on the STEPS Repertory Ensemble rounds out the magazine. I am honored to include guest essays by Charlie Moulton, John Carrafa (on Twyla Tharp), Linda Kent (on Paul Taylor), Gordon Munro, Marie de la Palme (on Gordon Munro), Marc Balet (on Gordon Munro), Kenneth Rinker (on Valerie Sonnenthal), Valerie Sonnenthal, and Lane Halperin (on STEPS). VISION 2:2 is 40 pages.
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