VISION began as an online journal where I could share the personal stories surrounding my photographs. This journal is an outlet where I can explore my artistic observations about the people I work with, writing about the incredible opportunities and experiences I've had during my thirty-six years working professionally in New York City.

Paul B. Goode's VISION is available as a high quality print magazine.  Something you can actually hold in your hands. Each issue will include essays from the online journal but with more pictures and in a larger format than the online journal. For those of you that "must" view everything on a screen, VISION is also available as a digital download.

The dance community is in need of a magazine for adults.  Something honest, that portrays the world of dance behind the scenes. True stories about how hard the dancers and dance companies work to survive. A magazine that shows not just the steps, but the emotion behind them.  VISION #1, the Ballet Next issue and VISION #2, the Bill T Jones issue, feature my writing and photography. VISION #3, the Martha Graham Dance Company issue, features essays by 5 of the choreographers and dancers included in the magazine.  VISION #4, takes the magazine in a new direction.  Along with my own images, the photography of Gordon Munro and the drawings of Valerie Sonnenthal are featured. Boston Ballet's performance of Jirí Kylián's Bella Figura, four photo essays about dancers who also excel at a second art form, and Jacqulyn Buglisi's memorial dance to 9/11, Table of Silence are the featured editorials in VISION #5. VISION #6 features RIOULT Dance NY, the photography of Paul Taylor Dance Company's Laura Halzack, and the Intimate Portrait project of Paul B. Goode.

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