The cover story for VISION's sixth issue is a photo essay on RIOULT Dance NY including essays buy artistic director Pascal Rioult, assistant artistic director Joyce Herring and dancer Charis Haines. Laura Halzack, long time dancer with the Paul Taylor's American Modern dance, has recently added photography to her repertoire.  Her images taken during the past summer's company tour to South America grace the pages of this issue. The magazine finishes with two portfolios of my own work.  The Intimate Portrait project is one of the most important artistic series of my career.  The portraits are a combination of the physical and emotional connection possible between a photographer and his models.  It is best explained in the essays written by the muses who have become part of this process. VISION #6 concludes with 2 pages of my new Smoker's Deitritus series of cigarette butts found lying on the streets of New York City. Somehow these remains take on their own personality. VISION #6 is 36 pages.
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