The cover story for VISION's seventh issue is a photo essay on Paul Taylor's American Modern Dance. I first worked with the company in 2003 and have photographed their New York Seasons every year since that time. Dancers Laura Halzack and Michael Trusnovec have written "twin" essays about dancing with each other over the past ten years. This year I was fortunate to photograph several rehearsals led by guest choreographers Doug Elkins and Larry Keigwin.  Larry has written an essay for VISION about his experience. The Taylor feature ends with photographs I took several years ago at Paul Taylor's home.  Let's just say his house is part of Mr. Taylor's artistic vision. 25 years ago I photographed at the Vaganova Ballet School in what was then Leningrad, USSR.  I have chosen my favorite photographs from those shoots to go with essays by two dancers who were students at that time, Alexandra Koltun and Ekaterina Kovaleva. VISION #7 finishes with a short essay on choreographer Alessandra Giambelli and her muse, Claudia Germuga. VISION #7 is 44 pages.
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